The Hell With New Years Resolutions !

You made a few resolutions about cleaning up and de-cluttering.

It was difficult and you had the best intentions however, being the people that we are it’s not easy.

Screw it. Don’t give it another thought.

Today is a new day and anything you wanted to do in January you can start today.

Lets start with the closets. All your clothes need to be removed and made into stacks of dresses , skirts , pants and tops

As much as you hate parting with things there are probably a few things that are out dated or just don’t fit.

Theses clothes you can easily pass on to a friend or donate to a shelter.

If it’s a favorite outfit but doesn’t fit keep it in a photo.The outfit doesn’t take up room and you can still see it and enjoy it.

Resolutions are meant to be broken. At least you are on the right track now

It can be done.

Remember my frogs? I did it. So can you. There is no doubt in my mind that if you set you sights on cleaning the closet you will.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. One step at a times will get you there. This is not a marathon.

Let me know when you’re all done.


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