Easy ? No !


Easy isn’t what it’s going to be. Fun?  Maybe.

You knew that being by yourself was going to be a challenge , so no crying or pouting.

Life is too damn short for recriminations.

Look, you lost your partner , it’s not fatal.

He left you for someone else, divorced you, even died.. There is not a thing you can do about it. Even if there were would you go back?

There are many  questions that you may never get an answer to. That being said, I say, the hell with it. Rehashing old news isn’t going to get you your partner back.

Remember if he left you for another person he went willingly. No one can take from you a partner that doesn’t want to go.

I know, you said such & such or did such and such..Who cares at this point.

You are alone and need to think of yourself and your future.

There will be many things out there that you don’t expect. Dating after being with a partner , man or woman is not how it was many years ago.

Get ready to think differently and perhaps act differently..

If you have any questions email me @ dateingafter50plus@gmail.com

Or for you brave souls, leave your comment here.


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