No date in sight?

You haven’t had a date in weeks. So what. No, I am not nuts. Alone is a good thing sometimes.

Being alone can be fun as well as a time to re-evaluate what it is you’re looking for.

For now call all your gal pals that you (mistakenly)  left behind for the  last guy you dated.

Get together and do some fun things.

Think about reinventing yourself into a man magnet.

What is it you’re looking for in a man? Write it down.Think it through.

All is not lost when we don’t have a steady man in our lives.That goes for me too.

Been there, done that just like you.

Alone is a time to grow up into what you want to be.

Ladies you need to realize your true value.

We are all beautiful in some way .When you meet the right man he will make you feel that way.

Stay tuned..Any questions?

Bring them on..Or if you like email me at  datingafter50plus@gmail

Ladies this email is NOT only for older women, it applies to all women. Have at it..

For you brave souls leave your questions here.



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