You got a divorce….he walked out….he died…or he left you for someone else.

The end is the same. You are now alone and maybe a bit scared of what’s out there for you.

Alone is not terminal no matter how painful this time in your life is.

Sometimes you need to squeeze that lemon and get creative.

This could be the time you need to revamp, rediscover and remake yourself into the person you always wanted to be.

Sure is isn’t going to be a cake walk but, what in life worth doing is.

You are about to enter the word of being alone without feeling lonely.

How exciting is that?  ( did she just say that? )

Yes.   Now you can devote all your energy in building a new you, a new look, a new way of looking at things and get back into a social life that you have probably not had in years.

There you will discover a new and exciting place to be in..

If you wish to email me any personal questions please to go

Gentlemen this applies to you as well..

If you prefer leave your questions and comments here to share.

Happy New Year 2013





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