Its Too Friggin Hard

Too friggin  hard?  Did you really think It would be easy?

Stop being a crybaby.

OK well that may be a little too harsh.

How about grow up. Try and face the challenge.

What may have started as just a bit of too much “stuff”  has now grown to such proportions you can’t manage it, right?

You liked this or that and had to have it. I know that feeling. Hey remember I was a frog and turtle junkie.

Junkie?  Yep.  Use to collect  them  till they overtook the place.

I use to wash them, and rearrange them  every week or so until one day the bell…DING-DONG  went off.

I am hoping that you are here because the bell went off for you as well.

I know, I know you want to surround yourself with all your things. You can’t bare to part with them. Yada , yada yada..

There are things you love  and cherish and some you don’t  but it has gotten so out of hand an  your overwhelmed and that’s understandable.


I’m not talking to you to make you feel guilty.

Hell I was doing the same thing some years back.

Getting pissed off with my friends had gotten to the point that I wouldn’t even speak to them for weeks at a time.

Guilty has no role in my conversation, that’s not what I am doing here.

We are  talking  as if I were sitting in your kitchen over a cup of tea.  I am being as honest and frank with you as I can be.

Besides  guilt serves no purpose at all. You hear that?

Guilt serves no purpose.

Get the idea out of your head that it has any role in your helping yourself get out of the chaos.

It doesn’t.

Its not going to prompt you to clean up or stop accumulating things.

Just like knowing why you save everything serves no, or little purpose in helping you get rid of the junk.

If your letting friends,neighbors and relatives guilt you into clear up the mess you need to STOP  them right now.

You know and I know that until you are good and ready to spend the time and effort into cleaning up , its not going to get done PERIOD.

Disposophobia is not impossible to overcome.

Many people  have the desire to surround themselves with the things they love and hate to part with them. Its when it grows to such a state that your life is changed by it that  the red flag goes up.

I have already shown you some steps you can take to help yourself.

Have you begun yet?  What’s stopping you?

No baby talk here, we are all adults and the bull crap stops here.

You need to start now.

No excuses. Really….

If no one knows about your challenge that means you haven’t had company over to your house in a very long time.

You have kept this secret too long.

Think about how it would feel if you could share that with someone that wouldn’t  judge you.

Coming to me to talk or leaving a message is a simple way to start.

Drop me an email at

Isn’t it time you let someone know that your facing a challenge and can’t do it alone?


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