What The Hell Is Going On?

You barely make it in the house. There’s hardly any room to walk? What the hell is going on you ask.

How did it come to this? When did it all get out of hand?

I am here to tell you that knowing why things have gotten out of hand is not necessary.

You heard right. Getting through the chaos does not require an answer to WHY?

Instead, ask yourself..”how best can I get out of the chaos.”

Accept the fact that perfect is not a goal. Trying your best is all that is required.

Remember that getting rid of some of your things does not mean they are not meaningful to you. Certain things you do not forget . Perhaps you are not aware of the many tools there are to help you navigate through the mess that has been created.

Sounds too simple doesn’t it? The steps are simple because they can work if you use them.  You can’t expect to  go forward by just thinking and wishing for it to happen. Action is always required in order to get results.

How long ago was it you started collecting things? One year?  Two?  Maybe more. You didn’t really think It would take you just a little time to undo all of this did you?

Your memory is a powerful tool that can help you  as you move forward.

Use it. Take a photograph of the object. Keep an album of your treasures. This way you have preserved them while at the same time making space in your home so that you can enjoy it.

Just like anything else we want to do  you have to learn the methods, take one small step at a time until you get use to the idea, and work at it.

Read that again….work at it.. Does that seem impossible to you?  It isn’t.  Not if you make up your mind that this is what you want to do.

You are having a relationship with your possessions that has reached fever pitch and now you are looking to curb it.

This is great. Don’t worry about what others think. This decision is yours and yours alone. Once you make it you should feel a sense of relief.  However, thinking about it may make you uneasy, but that’s to be expected.  Don’t let the anxiety get the better of you.


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