What the Hell is Normal Anyway?

There are times when we all question our sanity.

How many times have you heard or used the expression….Am I nuts? Or what the hell was I thinking?

Rest assured you are not alone, we all say that from time to time.

What you need to remember is that no one else sees things through your eyes.

We all do things for different reasons.

This is why you are here. You didn’t really think you got here by accident did you?  Something drew you to this posting.

You have the faith that you can get through this.  That is wonderful.

You also feel fear as well.

This is where I tell you that you can’t have both.

Let go of the fear. the things you have to do are not insurmountable .

I will talk to you as if we were friends and you came to me for help. I am and will remain your friend for as long as you wish. When ever you need a shoulder to lean on or want someone to share your thoughts with let me know.

If you wish to vent, rant or just chat. I will never break your confidence. Everything we discuss is strictly between you and I  and totally private.

Are you  ready to start now ?

I will give you a bit of direction. It sounds foolish but it will help.

If your a tea or coffee drinker I want you to make yourself a cup then go sit, enjoy your hot drink and imagine your home clear of all the clutter.  You can have friends , co workers and relatives over to visit.  Using your imagination will help you get there.

Think about entertaining loved ones.  How much pleasure you will get from sharing a meal, sharing memories, or just having  long conversations.

While still sitting think of where you want to start.  Nothing too dramatic. Lets start with a small area. You mentally chose the room and the space where you want to begin.

When you have decided that, you will need to get several boxes and mark them. #1 trash..#2 donate..#3 Keep….

Wait, don’t get too happy.. the keep box is temporary. Later we will revisit it.

For now just think about the journey you are planning.

Just like when we take vacations  ,we make plans  so our trip will go smoothly .

You may have already tried navigating the chaos in your home,and for that you deserve credit.

You “fell of the wagon,” who cares.

The bigger and more important thing is that you came here trying to find a way to help yourself.

This is where I come in.

I wont baby you. I wont placate you or treat you with anything less than the respect you deserve.

Before I can help you must be willing to give it all  your efforts as well.

You may or may not be  aware of the many tools out there that help compulsive shoppers and hoarders. Perhaps you have already tried a few on for size with no luck.

By using simple small steps and staying focused you too can help yourself get out of the chaos.


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