Who The Hell Told You That You Can’t ?

You hear it all the time. You can’t !

Your family members tell you you can’t. Your best friends tell you you can’t.

Just who the hell do they think they are?  You have tried everything you can think of.

The anxiety is overwhelming. The clutter has taken over your life.

You have reached the end of your rope.

Even you can’t stand it any longer.

Who the hell told you you cant?  YOU DID !   You spoke those words in silence to yourself.

You allowed the chaos to take over.

Never in a lifetime would you have admitted that to anyone. But, you admitted it to yourself.

The first step has been taken.  With your eyes finally opened you decided to get through the clutter, clean  up the mess and throw out the trash and begin to live a life you had only imagined.

Do you realize the importance of the decision you have made?

Oh, you hadn’t intended for it to happen, I know. but it  slowly took your life over one small step at a time until it just didn’t matter anymore.

First you just bought a few extra cans or boxes of food. Or did you just not throw out the junk mail and let it pile up?

Maybe you thought you would throw out the trash later, but didn’t. The dirty dishes in the sink could wait to get washed until you finish watching your favorite television show. You never got around to it did you?

It took a long time to realize that the only thing holding you back was yourself.

That realization has made a huge impact.

You are looking at the chaos and clutter in a new way.

With new eyes you are slowing seeing the need to organize your life in a way that you can manage. There are many ways for you to help yourself if that is what you truly want.

email me at    hoardnot@yahoo.com    and I will walk you through some simple steps to start your journey out of the chaos.



  1. During my high school and then in college days, I used to come up with some silly Q & A … One the most famous that remained till date was … “What is the height of possesiveness” … “Constipation”

    Believe me, I was so surprised to find it to be actually true. Not just as in physical symptoms of constipated digestive system. It also was reflecting on peoples life style, everyday behaviour, mindset and overall emotional maturity. Those I found suffering acute lack of joy and happiness in life were people who were clinging on to events/memories of past … things that don’t matter no more.

    Who knew in my younger days that something that I had created as a joke could turn out to be a very meaningful statement later on.

    Thank you for such a nice post. Enjoyed reading something that makes sense and not too artsy fartsy. 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. I am at times going to post different things both for men & women.. Have a wonderful & prosperous New Year.

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