Shovels And Brooms..


When you have made the choice to put a stop to the clutter in your home,a major step has already taken place.

The first thing you must know is that this choice is always yours to make, no one else can make it for you.
You made it and you own it.
The credit is all yours.

You wont be needing shovels and brooms. Boxes and a bit of patience are required though.

Why you became a hoarder or compulsive shopper is NOT important.

You read that right.
It serves little purpose to know the why’s.

The fact is that you want to do something about it.
Today you decided that you would begin the process of making your life better.
You alone decided that you wanted a more comfortable living space.

Yes there will be times that you think you can’t, but I am here to tell you that you can. The most difficult choice has already been made. You sometimes cant decide whether or not you want to make the effort to clean up.
Your mind is having a difficult time and that’s alright.
Do not find fault with that.

When we travel on a new highway we are bound to be somewhat apprehensive.
Remember,you have chosen to be here . You. No one made that choice for you.
Never let others cajole you into something you may not be ready for.

Picture in your mind the results that you are aiming for.
See the clutter gone and your home not filled with stacks of books, papers, clothing, food or anything else.
Imagine yourself having friends over for a visit and opening your door to welcome them into into your home. Visualize your improved life. Embrace it, it will be a reality if you keep trying.

Now we begin.
Chose a space you want to work on. See it in your mind as having been decluttered.
Are you ready to begin?

You need to set a kitchen timer for 5 minutes.
Have several empty boxes marked..Garbage…Donate and Give away.
Once you pick up an object you have only a few moments to decide which box to put it in.
When the timer goes off at the 5 minute mark you are DONE.

Yes done. This will take time and you cannot rush yourself.
Do now try to do more than that.
You need to ease into the idea that you are getting rid of the things that clutter your life and suffocate you.

Enlist the help of a friend you trust. Hire someone to help if need be.

Don’t worry.
You are not getting rid of the things you cherish. If you come across something special take a photo. Now you have salvaged the memory and at the same time made additional space in your home.

You will begin to have a sense of relief. Embrace it.

Reward yourself.
Sit down with your favorite cup of tea or coffee and realize that you have just taken a giant step on your journey.
Enjoy this moment.

You need never go on that journey alone if you don’t want to.
You can always reach out and get help leaving the chaos behind.


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