Get Off Your Derriere !

Remember, I already said that this wont be easy.

Its up to you to want to live in an uncluttered  home.


Using simple steps is the solution for many.


There will be days when you do more than on others. Some days you wont do anything.



You desire to let go of some of the chaos is what’s important.

Yeah, yeah, I know its difficult..and ? What have you done that isn’t?

No more excuses. No more…”I’ll wait till tomorrow.”


Today try leaving the house with only enough money to get through the day.

The logic is that if you only have money for carfare, or gas and lunch you CANT spend on anything else but the essentials.

See ? It can be as simple as that.

The hard part is that YOU have to want to make the changes.

Only you can make the changes. There isn’t a solution.

It takes work.

Are you ready?

Need help ? Can go it alone ?

Email me at


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