Tell me your not tired of being alone, or spending you days surrounded with all the clutter of the useless things that have collected over time.

Better yet, tell me how you manage to get around when there’s no where to sit, and probably no where to lay down for a nap.

When was the last time you actually cooked a meal or sat at the kitchen table to eat?

Here’s a good one. When was the last time  to your recollection ,that you invited someone to you home?

Can’t remember ?    GOTTCHA !

Your  too embarrassed to have company come over, aren’t you ?  You  don’t want them to see how you live.

Well  “DON’T” be.

Being a hoarder is something that is difficult to contain. Its not that you just didn’t hang up your coat or you decided not to wash the dinner dishes last night. It goes much deeper. It probably has to do with’s a good word….DISPOSOPHOBIA..your relationship to the things that belong to you.

Oh, sure you say. Everyone has a relationship with the things they own.  Yes, I can agree with that, however, NOT everyone saves everything putting it everywhere and creating a hazard.

Remember when it all started? Probably not.

Why did it start?  Well I’m going to tell you that it.. DOESN’T MATTER WHEN OR started hoarding.

That’s NOT IMPORTANT.  What is important is whether or not you want to take some sort of control over what is  apparently taking control of you.

So, do you really give a damn or not ?

If you do, there are many ways you can help yourself .

I am always available to chat about it if you make up your mind to start the journey out of the chaos.

Stop by, and send me an email. Let’s begin what you have been putting off for too long….


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