Adopting Was The Solution

Thankfully my hoarding had not reached major proportions.

Sure, I had collected frogs and turtle miniatures over time. Some had been gifts from loved ones, some I had gotten myself, but 100 or so wasn’t too bad. Right?

WRONG. Aside from spending time dusting and rearranging them I found that I was actually fond of each and everyone. They all held a story of their own.

Friends and relatives constantly made remarks as to when would I have “collected” enough of them.

Well, enough being  subjective, I just replied, “soon.” But soon never arrived.

It was getting a bit annoying to have to dust them, clean them and rearrange them constantly, I was beginning to recent the time spent on caring for them. Why didn’t I just stop I thought.  Even to me it appeared that they were consuming too much of my time.

One day I will get rid of them I thought. Just not today.

The time had arrived.

The memory is so vivid still. I woke up one day and decided to clean all of my collection. Bathe is a better description. I actually took them a few at a time and carefully placed them in a pan of warm soapy water. You believe that?  I was treating them like babies.

The realization woke me up. As I sat by the kitchen table I knew that I was becoming obsessed. Not good, I told myself.

It was there and then that I made up my mind to stop collecting.

Now all I had to do was figure out how to find “homes” for my babies.

Not wanting to dwell any further for the moment I went about my business for several days.

While cleaning out a closet that weekend I saw the junk I had amassed .Hmmm. What to do with the shoes that didn’t fit, the blouse I no longer wore.

Like a smack in the head I knew the solution to the frog and turtle collection. I would find them homes where they would be loved and appreciated.

I made a list of all the people that had gifted me them and decided to have each person “adopt” a few of the gifts they had made me.

As my list grew so did my spirits. Soon they would all have good homes and I would only keep the three my father had given me.

Understand, I know that my solution will not work for everyone,however, there is a solution for YOU as well.

Let me help you on your journey out of the chaos.


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