Ways To Help Yourself

As simple as it was to get to where you are without realizing it, the journey out of the chaos need not be difficult for most.

First “you” need to make the choice to start. No one can decide for you, nor should you let them.

Don’t consider this decluttering. You are only going to chose one small spot and make the decision to clear it up.

Select only the things you value most. If you absolutely have to keep it, then do. If your not sure, then it may be time to give it away or throw it away.

Keep only your most treasured belongings .This will give you a better sense of you now, not years ago.

You have a box full of photos? Pick out the truly most treasured and give the rest out to family members.

Do you really need “all” the greeting cards you saved over the years? Pick one or two and trash the rest. The same goes for old letters. If your ambitious go through the gifts you have received through the years that you really didn’t like then and still don’t. Take another trip to the trash.

Call a friend for emotional support. There are people in your life willing to assist you, all you need to do is ask.

You ready to start today?


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