When compulsive shopping becomes becomes a hoarding obsession.
by Peterw on Friday, April 6th, 2012 | 4 Comments

When compulsive shopping becomes becomes a hoarding obsession.

Today’s post is by guest author Marie Dina of Hoard-not.

Marie helps people overcome the obsession to hoard. Hoarding can often be a problem for baby boomers and seniors living alone, but it can affect the younger generations too.

Having just walked into my grannies house for a short visit I was dumb founded by the chaos surrounding me. There was un-opened mail stacked on the kitchen table. Magazines on all four chairs, and un-washed dishes in the counter and in the sink.

What’s going on I thought to myself.
Thinking it was just a bad day for her I went into the living room. Shock is the only word I can use. There were boxes all over the floor and on the furniture. Not one empty space for us to sit down.

I didn’t want to make a scene so I said lets go to your bedroom and look at Gramps photos. That’s when I nearly fell to the floor with surprise. There wasn’t even a spot on the bed to sleep on. With that, I walked to the closet, opened it, and sure enough, it was filled with clothes that still had store tags on them.

Granny hadn’t even worn the clothing.

I sat down and cried for a bit realizing Granny had become a hoarder unbeknown to anyone in the family.

Now I knew why she had stopped inviting us over.

If this sounds even vaguely familiar,then someone you love has turned the corner from compulsive shopping to hoarding. There are however many places you can, as a family member or friend, turn to for help.

If you know of someone who needs help with this problem, Marie can be contacted through her website Hoard-not.


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