Can You Help Yourself ?

Can You Help Yourself ?

While it seems that there is no end in site when we are compulsive shoppers or hoarders, I can assure you help is always available.  is at  your finger tips.

I had no one to help me at the time my collecting had gotten out of hand.I had to steel myself by using everything inside of me to gather  the strength that was needed.

I use to work with special needs children. While trying to find ways to allow them to grasp the importance of some of the daily tasks they had to complete, we created and implemented several ways to ease people into a routine.

While they appear to be obvious  sometimes it is just that technique that can facilitate the transition from chaos to a calming environment.

When we venture into new ways of coping with our surroundings it gives us a feeling of  anxiety, and this is to be expected. This is where you must try to control your emotions and forge ahead.

The journey is difficult, yet the end will prove to be all and everything needed to allow you to lead a better,safer life.




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