Hello world!

You tired of the mess,and the chaos? Well you have arrived at the right place.

Some 20 years ago I use to collect frog and turtle small figurines. It started innocently enough. They are so cute and small I thought.

It didn’t take long for my cute little friends started taking over my living room then the bedroom. I even had a few in the bathroom.

Now I didn’t think It was getting out of hand. Not yet anyway. Sure it took some time to dust them regularly, and once a month give them a “bath” but I didn’t mind back then. I only had about 30 or so tiny critters at that time.

Soon came the shocker. I have great friends , and as great friends often do, they want to make you happy. It seemed as if every last one of my friends got the same brilliant idea at the same time. Yes, they all started buying me froggies and turtles.

I had big ones, tiny ones, baby ones, twins, and families of frogs ,one was reading a newspaper, another played the piano…thanks to all my friends.

Still I didn’t mind it, not too much back then. I was happy and that’s all that counted, right? Wrong, as I was going to find out in due time.


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